There’s a great article on that discusses how a union for healthcare workers is concerned that pharmacists are being overworked. Due to the increased workload for pharmacists, the union worries that patient care is being jeopardized and more prescription errors are occurring as a result.

The following statement in the article really struck me: “Respondents were near unanimous in noting that their work has become more demanding over time caused mostly by lack of staff, increase in patients and structural changes. Patients are increasingly put at risk of medication and transcription errors say 87% of respondents, with half of all technicians reporting delays in responding to requests from pharmacists and/or physicians.”

The industry has been long broken and with further consolidation and cost-cutting measures this problem will only get worse.

Thankfully those who are victims of prescription errors have legal recourse. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a pharmacy you have the legal right to pursue a claim.